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11 Things You will definitely need in Your Household Toolbox

Benson Home Maintenance

1. Philips Screwdriver

Without explaining, this should be a ‘must have’ item in every toolbox. If you have a have a handle that accepts interchangeable tips, you can cover a wide range of screw types and sizes

2. Flathead Screwdriver

A flathead or straight screwdriver is also one of the ‘must have’ as most light switch faceplates use straight screws, for example. Having the right size flathead can make a difference, so start with at least a set of three (small, medium and large) to be able to handle most jobs.

3. Measuring Tape

This is essential as it comes handy if you need any immediate measurement of length or space in your house. A 7m Measuring tape for your toolbox 7m should be good enough to cover your potential measurement needs.

4. Penknife

From cutting any package or parcel delivered to your house in the future or even trimming the edges of carpet, the uses are so many that you’ll be surprised how you ever got by without one.

5. Hammer

Another ‘Must Have’ item. Not much explanation needed for this. Pounding nails, pulling nails, tapping things into place — it almost goes without saying why you need hammer.

6. Pliers

The serrated jaws of pliers assist with holding objects firmly, as well as with pulling, pinching or bending metal.

7. Adjustable Crescent Wrench

There is a screw built into the head of this wrench; turning it adjusts the size of the opening, so that it fits onto most any hexagonal nut. Turning a nut with pliers just strips the edges, making it harder and harder to get a good grip when tightening or loosening it.

8. Allen key

Some screws, especially bicycles and assemble-it-yourself furniture for which a flush screw is necessary, use hexagonal sockets. Multiple hex key sizes can be purchased separately and the leverage on these is better, but a jackknife-style set such as this provides everything you need in one tool.

9. Torchlight

This will be the most important tool when you encounter blackout. But do remember to check monthly on your battery supply. During blackout, have a torchlight without battery is equivalent to zero.

10. Scotch Tape/Masking tape

At least a roll of each will come in handy when you need to wrap things into a box or other purposes.

11. Paint Brush

Most of the time after renovation, your ID will definitely leave bottles of spare paints that were used in your house. These paints were prepared for your on future ‘touch ups’ in case you scratched the wall during moving of furniture during moving in, your child draws on the wall or other possible scenarios. This brush will be useful as you could touch up the minor painting works as and when you need.