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8 Common Situations that Kids will Damage a House

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Aggressive indoor games

Playing games like throwing of rubber balls or toys, kicking of ball have high likely hood of damaging fittings or fixtures in a house. It might break a vase or glass door, scratch window glass panel or even break a light bulb. To avoid these situation from happening, parents should discourage and educate kids to play such games indoor.

Riding of bicycle and playing motor-operated toy

Such activities will very likely cause scratches and damages on Tiles or other type of flooring. It might also cause accident which not only cause pain to the child but also damage the toys. It is advisable for parents to buy toys that can be played safely indoors

Playing of Markers or Colour pencils

By playing these items, it is highly possible that wall will be smeared. Always remember to keep such items away from kids or unreachable by the kids. It will be a nightmare if you have to repaint your wall time and time over again.

Pouring of Foods or drinks onto the floor

This is the common nightmare that every parents have when the kids starts learning to eat or drink by themselves. At times, such foods or drinks are hard or impossible to remove completely thus leaving stains or foul smell overtime. Extra supervision from parents are required to avoid such situations to happen.

Playing in the kitchen

The kitchen is a dangerous place for kids since stoves, utensils, glass cups/bowls are present. Curiosity will lead them to attempt to play with fire and not forgetting the other dangerous objects that they may deem as toys. They might also damage your kitchen cabinet, appliances or flooring. Thus proper education and supervision is required to prevent such things from happening in the kitchen.

Access to water in Bathroom

Kids that reached the age of going to the bathroom on their own might also damage the basin cabinet or other plumbing problem by leaving the water running after use. The ideal solution is to always check on the bathroom after kids used. If not, you will most likely end up with high utility bills.

Playing with Electrical Sockets or electronics

This is common and will cause direct danger to kids too. Kids can readily short circuit the gadgets and consequently cause electricity oriented accidents. The best way of avoiding such a problem is through ensuring that all electric sockets are at places where the kids cannot reach. It is also important for the mom, dad or any other mature member of the family to supervise kids while playing near electronic gadgets.

Climbing anything that is climbable

Kids just love to climb. From climbing of Window Grills to climbing up onto the suspended TV console or Kitchen Cabinet. At times, they will even jump or climb up the carpentry works in the house. These actions will directly cause damages to these items and will also cause danger to the kids. Parents should educate kids not to climb anything at home and warn them on the danger of doing that.

As an ending not, it is worthwhile to recall what trouble you have gotten into when you were kids inside the house. I believe you will have a good laugh at it and also remember those instances that you were ‘lucky’ nothing major happened. Enough scaring as of now, enjoy your home with your family.