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7 Important Things to Take Note During a Defect Check for New BTO

Benson BTO

1. Check all Keys

First and foremost, check all the keys given one by one. From Main Door to Windows to Letterbox. A lot of new owners take it for granted and seldom perform a 100% check on all keys.

2. Water Supply

Firstly, Turn on the Main Water Supply in the Water riser outside your unit. Test the water supply of each fittings that were provided by HDB. Ensure that the water current is smooth, no weird sound while water flows and no leaking from any part of the fittings. Also check on the water pressure of each fitting, if ever in any doubt, no harm highlighting to BSC (Building Service Centre) and request for a check by them.

3. Check Toilets Floor slope

Prepare to wet your entire toilet floor to conduct this check. The purpose of this check is to ensure that your toilet does not ‘gather’ water. During renovation, the gradient slope should enable water to flow properly to the designated water outlet (Floortrap). Wet the floor and let the test run for half a day or so. If you realize there are water stuck at any corner or area on the toilet floor, you should highlight this as a defect to BSC.

4. Check All Windows

This is a very common check. Most new owners will not forget to check this. But it is still necessary to highlight the areas to check for. Firstly, check all handles and window locks to ensure it is functional and not rusty. Secondly, check the glass of the windows to ensure that all glasses are installed properly and no scratches are visible on the glass. Lastly, ensure that the window frames are installed firmly to the wall and there are no gaps between window frame and wall. This is to ensure that water will not sip through the gaps during raining periods.

5. Check all fittings provided by HDB

This check is to ensure all fittings provided by HDB were installed correctly and properly. Check whether any of the fittings is rusted, loose or not aligned properly. Do also check on the toilet bowl and its flush. But of course, this check is not necessary if you intended to change all fittings given by HDB during Renovation.

6. Check Kitchen/Toilets Tiling Works (& all other tiling works if your unit is a premium unit)

This is the toughest and time consuming check. This check is to ensure that tiles are not hollow or loose. You can easier conduct this check by using a 50cents coin to hit on each tile to listen for hollowness. You can also get a tile tester to facilitate this check too. This check is important as hollow or loose tile will eventually cause tiles to crack or pop up in the near future.

7. Check laundry system

Check the laundry system provided by HDB. Try to check for smoothness while pulling the laundry system. If you have difficulty pulling it smoothly, chances very high that there is some problem with the laundry system mechanism.

*For Premium BTO unit which come with Bedroom & Toilet Doors, Do remember to check on the locks, any scratches on the door surface and alignment of the doors.