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7 Steps to Follow When Choosing an Interior Designer

Benson Interior Designer

Step 1 – Do Some Research On Your Ideal Style

Before you even start making appointments with different Interior Designers, you should have some ideas of the style you want your home to look like. Take time to surf through the web, look through Interior Design magazines, etc, to gather ideas, styles that might interest you. Save down these pictures and bring them along when meeting potential Interior Designers during discussion. It is very important to do some “homework” prior to this as it will be clearer for potential Interior Designers to visualize and understand your style.

Step 2 – Set A Renovation Budget

By planning your financial and setting a renovation budget, you will know your min-max comfort range. Be mindful though that Renovation Budget only means the actual renovation works cost. It does not include buying of Electrical Appliances, Furniture, Household Accessories, etc. Do plan and set aside budget for these items. With your ideal budget, you will then be able to decide between the quotations received from Interior Designers and narrow down your options.

Step 3 – Arrange Appointments With Interior Designers

Now it is time to meet Interior Designers for a discussion and let them assist you in your house design layout planning and quote you accordingly. A normal Renovation Process from planning stage to handing over may take about 3-6 months, the Interior Designer that you should be looking for has to be a partner that you are both comfortable and confident to work with. Renovating your home is a very personal experience. Also, do make sure he/she will be the only person in-charge and handling your renovation project from first appointment to handover. This is to prevent any miscommunication during this whole journey.

Step 4 – Ask Lots Of Questions And Understand In Depth

Ask as many questions as possible.

By asking:

  1. You should learn and gain valuable knowledge on materials used in your house renovation.
  2. You will be able to judge whether the Interior Designer has enough knowledge about renovation to advise you.
  3. You should able to understand the difference between the various quotations that you will receive.
  4. You will able to compare “Apple to Apple” with the quotations you received. Not all quotations are crafted equally. Being able to see what is similar or not makes al whole lot of difference.
  5. You will then be able to understand and decide which materials quoted suit your family lifestyle the most.
Step 5 – Be Open To Design Options

There will be times when you realize that Designers are sharing different designs/layouts which may not be to your liking. Learn to be open to design/layout options. Each design proposed by an Interior Designer will definitely has its advantages according to your lifestyle of your requirements. But of course, if an Interior Designer is too pushy toward his own designs/ideas, this is where you should voice out and let him/her know. Do however, give very proposal a chance to be explained as you might be surprised some proposed designs might solve your biggest restrictions face in your home.

Step 6 – Compare Quotations According To Designs And Details

In simple, the cheapest quote might not be the best deal. Chances are high that the significant difference in pricing may be due to missing details or the quoted materials. With the knowledge you gained through asking questions and understanding of materials, now you can put it in use. Do keep in mind that design concepts used may not be similar as well.

Step 7 – Interior Designer Selection And Signing Of Renovation Contract

Signing of a renovation contract can be tricky.

Do understand:

  1. The payment terms
  2. The warranty period
  3. The renovation schedule

Once these details are clear, you are good to go!

Best Regards,
Benson & Adrian